What you get:

Video Analysis

Film yourself swimming and doing drills from a few different angles, then upload the videos to Dropbox. I will do a full voice-over video analysis highlighting your strengths and weaknesses and explain what drills you need to practice to develop better habits. Public pools are much more open to filming these days, just tell the  lifeguard what you are doing and it should be fine.

Corrective Exercises

Based on your video analysis I will recommend 1-2 corrective exercises for you to focus on over the next month. It's important here not to overwhelm with too much information. Let's figure out whats most important for you to work on right now and get to it. Use the drill demo library to ensure you are doing the exercise correctly.

Customized Practices

Each month I will customize 2-3 practices for you (depending on your training routine/volume). Not generic workouts, but sets specifically tailored to your needs for maximum improvements. Repeat each practice once per week for 4 weeks and then submit more video for analysis. 

Training Log

We will use an online training log to track all your practices, comments and feedback. Get into the habit of writing a few notes after each practice. The more I know about each practice, the better I can help you progress. Keeping all this information in one place for easy access to all your video analysis, feedback and notes.

Weekly Review

The key distinction between online coaching and simply following a training plan. Weekly interaction with your coach! I'm not leaving you alone to figure it out for yourself. I'll be there each week to review your training log, answer any questions, ask questions and make changes if needed. 

Who Is This For?

Anyone who can swim 25m non-stop and wants to improve their technique, endurance and speed.  So long as you are comfortable in the water, curious to learn and dedicated to a consistent routine we can definitely make progress.


$99 per month.

3-Month Minimum

Results are not going to happen overnight. It will take time, patience and dedication from both of us therefore a 3-month minimum will give us better opportunity for improvement. Negotiable for Vancouver based swimmers who are able to attend private lessons or group courses in person.

Still To Come...

More demo videos, troubleshooting and FAQ videos, meet ups and social swims, mobility testing, injury prevention assessments, strength and conditioning workouts, social media groups and if the demand is there potentially an online membership platform and maybe even an app!


Fill out this webform and I'll get your online coaching account set up then head to the pool and film some video. Upload instructions will be emailed to you.