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General Info

General Info

General Info

Course information for Summer 2020 

will be published late-March.


General Info

General Info

Usually opens late-March.

First come, first served. 

Waitlists will be available.


General Info

Free Info Session

All course take place at Jericho Beach

We meet on the grass beside the Lifeguard Office, Concession Stand & Washrooms.

Note: this is not at the Jericho Sailing Centre. 

Free Info Session

Free Info Session

Free Info Session

Details to be announced in March 2020.


Free Info Session


Wetsuits are mandatory for all courses. They substantially increase safety and warmth. If you need to buy/rent a wetsuit check out 

Rowands Reef Scuba Shop in Kits.


Free Info Session


Swap numbers with your course mates, then head out to practice together, or, take advantage of supervised swims at Kits Beach with the Vancouver Open Water Swimming Association.


Open Water Beginners

This 8-week course will help you build comfort and confidence while swimming in the ocean with a wetsuit. This is the best place to start if you feel anxious about open water swimming. We start with short, shoreline swims to hone your skills and work towards longer off-shore swims as the course progresses. 

We will cover: wetsuit fit and comfort, open water safety, identifying hazards, reading the tide and currents, acclimatizing to colder water, breathing and navigation, building to longer swims.

Suitable for anyone who can swim front crawl with their face in the water for 25 - 50m without stopping.


Open Water Racing Skills

Develop your open water racing skills with this 8-week course.  

Swim with confidence amid the chaos of triathlon or open water swim racing. 

We'll review the fundamentals of efficient open water swimming skills in the first 

few weeks and then add more specific racing skills as the course progresses.

We will cover everything in the Beginner course, plus: stroke adjustments for open water racing, 

how to navigate and swim straight without slowing down, pacing and race strategy, swimming in packs, drafting and passing, starts and exits, and a fancy trick for turning around the swim buoys.

Suitable for anyone who is confident getting in the ocean and can easily swim 100m+ non-stop. 

This is the perfect course for anyone taking part in a VOWSA Swim Race, the 

Whistler Half/Full Ironman, Vancouver Triathlon or the Cultus Lake Triathlon.


Open Water Masters

Already confident in your ocean swimming skills - breathing, sighting, and navigation - 

and looking to swim faster for your next race?  Join this 8-week training session with 

a focus on developing fitness and fine tuning technique. 

Open to experienced, returning clients only.  

New clients should begin with either the Beginner or Racing Skills courses.

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