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Masters Training


Develop the skills to swim with more confidence and less effort. 

From non-swimmers afraid of the deep end, to fitness swimmers, to injured athletes looking for rehab exercise, and of course - aspiring triathletes too!

Free trial classes, levelled technique courses, masters training and private 

lessons available. 



New Summer Courses 

Now Available!

Once you have the fundamental skills of smart, efficient swimming then it's time to add a training component. Front crawl focused with option to practice other strokes as well.

Suitable for anyone who has completed Level 3 or above, triathletes and masters swimmers.



The summer Open Water Schedule is now LIVE!

Join us and let's head outside into the ocean for cool, refreshing, salty swims!

Open Water Beginners, 

Open Water Racing Skills and Open Water Masters.

Where do you belong?

 Let's find out.

Open water

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You are so calm, experienced and friendly which makes it easy to relax and flop around without feeling silly. I cannot stress enough how great it was of you to stay back with me on my first day when I was having a tough time. I was *really* scared going out to the buoy the first time and having you swim alongside me, with all of your coolness and poise, was instrumental in my future success. Thanks a lot and I can't wait to swim again!


Two years ago I decided to do a triathlon. I was 44 and wasn't a swimmer. I could only doggy paddle ...but only when forced, since I hated deep water. Any attempt at front crawl left me coughing and gasping for air. Even a few metres seemed impossible. Thank goodness I found Coach Stewart. He was incredible: encouraging, calm, and patient, with clear and systematic instruction. The gasping and coughing became less and less and I was ready for my first triathlon pool swim in 6 months. What an accomplishment!  Thank you ever so much, Coach Stewart, for your gentle and expert guidance.


Coach Stewart fosters a friendly, encouraging environment in his swim groups where people have fun and celebrate each other's progress. He has you swim hard, but he’s so nice about it that you don’t realize how hard you've worked until the session is over and you realize what you’ve accomplished. I leave training sessions feeling energized and can’t wait for the next one. He is generous with his time and his knowledge, and he truly cares about helping people achieve their goals and enjoy the water. Coach Stewart has transformed my swimming. 

Swimming. Triathlon. Open Water Swimming. Technique. Sea Hiker. Sea Hiker Swimming. Wetsuit.

Thanks for visiting my site. I've been coaching swimming in Vancouver for the last 6 years, helping 1000s of clients become more comfortable in the ocean. Whether you want to swim for fun, complete your first triathlon or race for the podium I can help you achieve your goals.  Get in touch and I'll help you Swim Smart!

About me: I grew up in Scotland very close to the Loch Ness Monster! A competitive swimmer through my teenage years, I then studied Physiology & Sports Science at the University of Glasgow before moving to Vancouver in 2010.  I've completed 10 triathlons as well as various running, cycling and mountain biking events. Last year I rekindled my love for competitive swimming and managed to pick up a few medals at Nationals in Calgary. This season I will debut in the 200m Butterfly and am optimistic I will achieve my goal of swimming faster as an adult than I ever did as a kid.

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Coach Stewart

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada