Develop the skills to swim with more confidence and less effort. From non-swimmers afraid of the deep end, to fitness/rehab swimmers and of course - aspiring triathletes too! 

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Once you have the fundamental skills of smart, efficient swimming then it's time to add 

a training component. Suitable for anyone who has completed Level 3 or above and can hold a pace of 2.00 per 100m or faster.

Masters session are frontcrawl focused with 

an option to practice other strokes as well. 



Put all your learning and training to the test by joining the Coast Swim Team for the 2019-2020 season. We are a fun, supportive and determined group excited to help you achieve your swimming goals. Last year we narrowly missed out on winning the Provincial Team Champions Trophy.

This year we will not miss out! 

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Thanks for visiting my site. I've been coaching swimming in Vancouver for the last 8 years, helping 1000s of clients become more comfortable in the water. 

Whether you want to swim for fun, complete your first triathlon, or race for the podium I can help you achieve your goals.  

Get in touch and I'll help you Swim Smart!

I grew up in Scotland very close to the Loch Ness monster. A competitive swimmer through my teenage years, breaststroke was my main event but also 

butterfly in my final few years before I stopped swimming - interests shifted while I was studying Physiology & Sports Science at the University of Glasgow...

I moved to Vancouver in 2010, love the outdoor life here and have completed 10-12 triathlons as well as various running, cycling and 

mountain biking events. I rekindled my love of competitive swimming in 2016, created a swim team, won medals at Nationals and qualified for 

Worlds in Korea and am optimistic I will achieve my goal of swimming faster as an adult than I ever did as a kid. 

More recently I've been learning about breath control for free-diving, and started cyclocross racing (more accurately, participating).

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