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Coast Masters

All too often swim training is focused on distance, speed, and chasing the clock - all at the expense of learning, developing and improving technique. I've heard countless times how swimmers stop doing drills after taking a course with me and end up becoming slower again, so Coast Masters was created to give you an opportunity to Train and Learn at the same time. It's my own special blend of technique development and fitness training that will bring out the best in your stroke.

Fall 2018 was focused on speed development. Winter-Spring 2019 we take the speed you've gained this Fall and add an endurance component, and the new Summer classes will focus on longer distance swims to get you ready for the races.

'Coach Stewart fosters a friendly, encouraging environment in his swim groups where people have fun and celebrate each other's progress. He has you swim hard, but he’s so nice about it that you don’t realize how hard you've worked until the session is over and you realize what you’ve accomplished. I leave training sessions feeling energized and can’t wait for the next one. He is generous with his time and his knowledge, and he truly cares about helping people achieve their goals and enjoy the water. Coach Stewart has transformed my swimming.'   - Thanks Gina!

Although mostly focused on front crawl I will also provide options to learn, improve and train all 4 strokes for those who want to become a better all round swimmer. 

Tuesday Intro to Masters


This 60-minute training session is specifically for Level 3 or Level 4 swimmers who are interested in joining future Coast Masters classes. 

Each session will include a greater fitness component compare to the front crawl technique course. We will practice the fundamentals of Masters swimming - using the walls properly, gaining speed underwater, using the pace clock, interval training, and of course, the usual technique development I'm known for. 

While this course will be front crawl focused, I am happy to check in and give some feedback on all the other strokes as well. 

Must be able to swim 100m at a comfortable pace in under in 2 minutes 30 seconds. 

Note: If your average pace is faster than 2:00 minutes, join the Thursday Masters class instead.

Tuesday mornings from 7:00 - 8:00 am

6 weeks from June 11 until July 16

Vancouver Aquatic Centre

$151 + GST

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Thursday Masters CLass


Jump start your Thursday with a 60-minute morning training session!  These session will be front crawl based with a focus on maintaining good technique over longer distance swims. I'm happy to quickly check in with your other strokes if you are looking for help and tips.

Suitable for existing Coast Masters swimmers or new swimmers who can maintain a comfortable pace of 2:00 minutes per 100m or faster.  Each practice will be 2000m+

Thursday mornings from  7:00 - 8:00 am

6 weeks from June 13 until July 18

Vancouver Aquatic Centre

$151 + GST

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