Level 4

Suitable for anyone who can swim 100m+ front crawl without stopping. You want to swim faster and further, fine tune your stroke, learn the key skill to race with confidence, and you enjoy training. This course includes in water coaching, video feedback, practice guide, demo videos and unlimited support between classes.

Please note the registration dates and save them in your calendar.

March - May

Wednesdays at the JCC from 6:45 - 7:45 pm

March 11 until May 13 (No class April 8, 15)

$232 + GST

Waitlist --> Sold Out!

Tuesdays at the VAC from 7:00 - 8:00 am

Feb 25 until March 31

6 weeks for $175 + GST

Waitlist --> Sold Out!

April - May

Tuesdays at the VAC from 7:00 - 8:00 am

April 7 until May 19

7 weeks for $204 + GST

Registration opens March 2

Terms & Conditions

No refunds after the course start date.

VAC - I will handle all invoices, transfers and cancellation requests.

JCC - They will handle all invoices, transfers and cancellation requests.


Use this form to register for the Feb-March Level 4 course at the VAC. First 12 will get into the class. Everyone after that will be added to the waitlist.



'My swimming has improved substantially with your instructions to relax and slow down. Previously I was trying too hard to swim fast and now that I am slowing down and relaxing my endurance is increasing substantially and my recovery time is quicker too. On his 2019 Ironman Whistler swim: 'I just took it slow, remembered what you taught me and drafted as much as possible. I came out of the water feeling good and that I could've swam a lot further. It's the furthest I've ever swam so my PB now is 1:19 which is 11 minutes faster than I anticipated. '



'I am very happy with this course. It was exactly what I expected even more. I appreciate the fact that the pool is not crowded so you can advice people individually. Also nice and calm atmosphere on your lessons. I started to swim freestyle just 2 years ago because of back pain. I used just information from internet and YouTube videos. After I realized I can't see myself swimming and I am struggling with my breathing I started to look for swimming courses and some professional advice. I am happy with your coaching and I'd like to continue.'

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